DC Comics Super Heroes

Everybody's got an ugly friend... This my friend is that ugly friend. A little younger than Super Powers, a little less refined, and a whole lot uglier...

This is Toy Biz's DC Comics Super Heroes
Running with the popularity created by Kenner's Super Powers line somehow Toy Biz got the license to try and copy those efforts much in the way that Lanard tried to steal or at least accompany GI Joe's thunder with quality plastic characters with cool and sometimes generic code names and underwhelming accessories. 


Toy Biz's DC Super Heroes attempted to take everything we loved about Super Powers and drop it down a notch or three. With near identical figures on some cases and downright failures in other likenesses. Yes, this dirty girl of the early 90's though a little homely still got our cash love, if only because she looked like someone we knew and missed very much.
As this is another much loved line from my childhood I have seen fit to put together a trading card set for it as well. Enjoy as this page continues to populate.

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